Effective Speaker management and Registration Tracker

Best technology to effectively organize speakers and other participants in Public Meetings

The SMART Way of Managing Agenda Meetings & Public Meetings

SMART™ is an agenda management and speaker registration system that invites participation in public meetings. It helps manage public speakers and enables public users to register for more than one meeting. They can do this with ease and the system ensures seamless navigation. It also features effective interactions which provides better organization of participants and levels of accuracy.


Online Process

All the registration happens online. There will be no more paperwork, no more duplicate registrations and no more hassles!


Users of the system can get real time status updates and text notifications on registration.

Complete Information

SMART™ gives detailed information of a speaker’s demographics, the Agenda or the Bill to the admins. All data on the single platform!


The system has the ability to integrate with your existing Agenda Management system.


SMART™ can be customized to suit individual preferences of every government agency and company.


Notifications will be sent to speakers in advance for ensuring that they do not miss their scheduled date and time.

Why SMART™ ?

Simplify Agenda Meeting Processes

Our solution assists in inviting participants and managing agenda speaker meetings for government agencies. A single platform for managing registrations and schedules. Its unique features include,

Access from any device.

Easy registration process

Text alerts about the speaker queue.

Detailed analytics report for Council members.


ADA Compliance

SMART™ functions with integrated ADA compliance. Our specialists continuously work to keep the system in compliance with ADA.

Role-based Administration

The types of roles include the main Admin, the Agenda Creator, the Floor Leader, and the general public. Each role is empowered with unique abilities.

Meeting Progress

The Speaker presence is validated by a check-in process. The administrator can mark the beginning and completion of a speaker’s round. Speakers can also know their speaking-queue in Real Time.


SMART™ offers dual check-ins to restrict duplicates and false entries. Hence, a lot of time can be saved in verification.

Reports & Analysis

Admins can have complete demographic analysis along with reports of speakers with the click of a button.


Accurate order of speaker agendas will be visible to admins as well as speakers while accessing the system.

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